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Word online is the favorite tool of Koen Timmers (Belgium)

I strive to create a paperless classroom. I believe digital courseware can offer a lot of benefits and opportunities. Using digital courseware over paper takes some time to be accustomed to; ten years ago, only one student in a large group preferred a digital course. Nowadays, only one student prefers to receive a paper version.

Digital courses are searchable, accessible from anywhere, usually up to date, can promote m-learning (on smartphone and tablet), can be interactive or contain multimedia elements, are cheaper (to be spread in color), and have, generally speaking, better quality (resolution).

Another problem is the fact that books can be outdated. There is also a major difference between a textbook, which describes information, and good courses which offer a well grounded pedagogical structure. Sometimes students can’t find specific information in their textbook. This made me decide to hand out general courseware at the beginning of a course and write specific couseware during my lessons. While I teach my students, I create a word (online) document, on which the progress of exercises is captured and extra information is gathered. At the end of the day, week, or month, students can rehearse and learn by referring back to their courseware, which is an exact copy of the information provided during the lessons. Students can also add their own ideas as well as print out and access the information anytime, anywhere. All enabled by Word Online!

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