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Bożena Kraj
About me: 
I come from Poland: “Working as a secondary school teacher of the John Paul II Gymnasium I feel happy and excited to teach my students not only English itself, but also positive behavior and proper attitude towards their daily duties. I say “The future is yours, demand of yourselves” to make the world better (John Paul II). As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2015 and an eTwinning ambassador I feel responsible to be an advocate for school creativity, innovation, good practice, and world integration. My motto is: Our school ICT challenges = our knowledge progress and better life. I believe my students, my school, my society can develop in meaningful directions thanks to ICT technology, which has a great mission to serve in every life area to make a difference".
Did or will you attend a Global Forum/E2?: 
Redmond - 2015
I'll attend E2 in Redmond as a: 
MIE Expert