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Achraf Abdel Aziz Soliman
About me: 
Achraf Abdel Aziz Soliman: Microsoft MIE Expert 2015‎‏. - French expert teacher in El Alfy secondary school for girls – of El-Arish in North Sinai - Egypt - Holds a BA French language University of Zagazig 1988 - Certified instructor of French language teacher Academy of teachers in North Sinai governorate. - Graduate course ICDL and INTEL - Holds a session using the modern technology of education in France 2000 - A training for trainers course in France 2006 - Hold a session on training courses as trainer of French language by training centre of the Ministry and the French Cultural Center in Cairo - An innovative teacher in the use of new technology in education North Sinai 2010 -Participated in the work of our overseas examinations Milan Italy 2013 -A perfect teacher-level 2005 - Winning the contest of innovative teachers 2014 at the Republic level and stand to win a regional and global forum 2015  
Did or will you attend a Global Forum/E2?: 
Redmond - 2015
I'll attend E2 in Redmond as a: 
MIE Expert