Educational value: 
Knowledge building & critical thinking
Student self-assessment
I use this tool to/for: 
Flipping the classroom

I love this tool because is the best way to engange students because it is the best way to engage students in activities that offer them. Using twitter in the classroom you can make a lot of activities: take notes, share Reviews posted on a particular topic, evaluate the reading process, review a talk at the center, add your images words, hold commemorative days like writing fragments of verses in the tweets made; and why not share activities with other schools in other cities; there are many activities you can do, you just have to propose the activity to your students; and break the walls of your classroom to transform it into a global classroom.
Your students can use a more educational than the personal profile, and there are many tools to track their tweets. I encourage you to offer your students the opportunity to expand their Personal Learning Network.

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